Fringe, Season 4

Fringe, Season 4


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2011-09-23
  • Advisory Rating: MA15+
  • Episodes: 23
From 758 Ratings


Wrapping up another mind-bending season, the acclaimed Fringe continues to explore otherworldly cases with endless impossibilities. Set in two parallel universes, the FBI’s Fringe Division focuses around Special Agent Olivia Dunham, eccentric "fringe" scientist Walter Bishop and his jack-of-all-trades son, Peter – supervised by Special Agent Phillip Broyles and assisted by Agent Astrid Farnsworth. Simultaneously, the universe "over there" is populated by alternate doppelgangers including a scheming "Walternate," seductive "Fauxlivia" and a parallel Fringe team armed with advanced high-technology. In both universes, the teams investigate unusual incidents that defy human logic and unimaginable events that threaten our very existence on a universal scale. Irrevocably linked to the "other" universe, Olivia and alternate-born Peter must heal the rifts between two warring universes while wrestling with questions of identity and destiny … and the complications of never having existed at all!


Title Time Speed
1 Neither Here Nor There 43:29 42,659 KB/Sec Download
2 One Night in October 42:48 33,888 KB/Sec Download
3 Alone in the World 43:35 41,863 KB/Sec Download
4 Subject 9 43:37 48,657 KB/Sec Download
5 Novation 43:01 46,291 KB/Sec Download
6 And Those We've Left Behind 44:03 22,648 KB/Sec Download
7 Wallflower 43:35 25,320 KB/Sec Download
8 Back to Where You've Never Been 43:58 40,226 KB/Sec Download
9 Enemy of My Enemy 44:00 35,994 KB/Sec Download
10 Forced Perspective 43:39 48,297 KB/Sec Download
11 Making Angels 43:30 48,112 KB/Sec Download
12 Welcome to Westfield 43:59 32,886 KB/Sec Download
13 A Better Human Being 43:59 32,601 KB/Sec Download
14 The End of All Things 43:32 38,830 KB/Sec Download
15 A Short Story About Love 43:59 27,257 KB/Sec Download
16 Nothing As It Seems 43:59 49,974 KB/Sec Download
17 Everything in Its Right Place 44:00 44,431 KB/Sec Download
18 The Consultant 43:10 46,526 KB/Sec Download
19 Letters of Transit 43:35 26,795 KB/Sec Download
20 Worlds Apart 43:24 22,152 KB/Sec Download
21 Brave New World, Pt. 1 43:00 50,248 KB/Sec Download
22 Brave New World, Pt. 2 43:19 40,239 KB/Sec Download
23 Meet the Cast of Fringe 02:55 32,386 KB/Sec Download



  • Where is Season 5???

    By Laly82
    Why is everything so late and so complicated for Australian users??? Please release season 5 in Australia. Channel 9 will never air it!
  • Still Waiting

    By K_Fr
    Really..... "iTunes" how many episodes have to air in the US before one is even available from you guys???
  • Season 5

    By Robbieaust
    Season 5 available on iTunes USA store. When do we get it in Australia?

    By K R I N
    Waiting impatiently for SEASON 5 to become available…………...
  • SEASON 5?

    By alex.felser1
  • Where's Season 5?

    By Benazzy
    Where's season 5? Started in US months ago…. :(
  • Umm... Take Your Time Then.

    By McNuggets/10
    I'm just saying to iTunes that i bought the Fringe Season 4 box-set from Sanity LAST MONTH!!! If you wanna keep customers Catch Up! iTunes I think you should re-new your uploading vagenda. And to all the but cracks who eill surely say to me "Oh it's 'Agenda' not 'Vagenda' it's an in-joke for Fringe Fanatics.. (Walter says it an an episode). Lucky iTunes that it's such a splendid show I'll still rate int with a, 5 Star Rating ;). LOVE FRINGE. If you love Fringe too go to my Facebook page,.,.,. Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole & John Noble are Fabulous
  • Fantasic

    By JackS1966
    This is one of the best series around. What's your Vagenda?
  • Disappointing

    By mjf7
    Love this show but such a muck up with the cost and not being able to acquire a season pass... You really should ever only need to pay the difference but your system only allows you to once you begin to pay separately you must finish otherwise download the whole season again. Media hits once again where money is more important than Community!
  • Where is the Rest of the Season ???

    By stjohn
    The Show is awesome, however Itunes for some strange reason are not uploading the rest of season 4 ???????? They haven't got their act together ......... it would be faster if i download it as torrent from another site for free !!!!! is that what itunes is telling us to go and get it from somewhere else.......... why is it taking SO LONG to have episodes available to buy from iTunes - Why Why Why ???