The Sopranos, Season 1

The Sopranos, Season 1

The Sopranos

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 1999-01-21
  • Advisory Rating: MA15+
  • Episodes: 13
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Meet Tony Soprano: your average, middle-aged businessman. Tony's got a dutiful wife. A not-so-dutiful daughter. A son named Anthony Jr. A pill of a mother. A hot-headed uncle. A not-too-secret mistress. And a shrink to whom he tells all his secrets, except the one she already knows: Tony's a mob boss. In Season 1, feeling his handle on his family and his business slipping away, Tony (James Gandolfini) suffers a series of anxiety attacks that land him in the office of a psychiatrist (Lorraine Bracco). Opening up to his shrink, Tony relates the details of his life as a "waste-management consultant," and tries to come to terms with the professional and private strains that have brought him to the brink of a breakdown. Co-starring Edie Falco as his wife, Michael Imperioli as his nephew, and Dominic Chianese as his uncle.


Title Time Speed
1 The Sopranos 59:59 39,845 KB/Sec Download
2 46 Long 49:43 32,708 KB/Sec Download
3 Denial, Anger, Acceptance 44:45 43,258 KB/Sec Download
4 Meadowlands 53:04 36,431 KB/Sec Download
5 College 56:40 32,779 KB/Sec Download
6 Pax Soprana 49:51 27,458 KB/Sec Download
7 Down Neck 51:32 47,938 KB/Sec Download
8 The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti 48:53 27,844 KB/Sec Download
9 Boca 51:40 42,994 KB/Sec Download
10 A Hit Is a Hit 52:49 33,809 KB/Sec Download
11 Nobody Knows Anything 49:28 50,295 KB/Sec Download
12 Isabella 47:21 50,555 KB/Sec Download
13 I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano 1:00:27 38,711 KB/Sec Download



  • hey

    By kingwar45145
    very said the tony has past away
  • One of the best Dramas ever

    if you like the Godfather or the Goodfelles then you will love this show, the story that it tells is great and plus it is well shot in Jersy. This is a must buy for any fan of real drama, be warned this is not for kids it dose get rather graphic

    By The Keegstar
    This is my faverite show ever!!! from the first season to the last saeson there isnt a bad episode...if you like Underbelly...You wouls love this show...think unberlly...but better.... oh and you finally put HBO on itunes....your so smart....