Grey's Anatomy, Season 1

Grey's Anatomy, Season 1

Grey's Anatomy

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2005-03-27
  • Advisory Rating: M
  • Episodes: 9
From 944 Ratings


Meet Meredith Grey, a brilliant first year, post-grad surgical trainee at Seattle Grace Hospital. Together with her fellow residents-in-training, Meredith makes her way through the daily trials and tribulations of life inside the hospital and outside in the real world.


Title Time Speed
1 A Hard Day's Night 43:42 42,329 KB/Sec Download
2 The First Cut Is the Deepest 43:05 38,242 KB/Sec Download
3 Winning a Battle, Losing a War 43:33 37,891 KB/Sec Download
4 No Man's Land 43:34 22,845 KB/Sec Download
5 Shake Your Groove Thing 43:26 40,509 KB/Sec Download
6 If Tomorrow Never Comes 43:16 35,569 KB/Sec Download
7 The Self-Destruct Button 43:05 43,209 KB/Sec Download
8 Save Me 42:45 50,157 KB/Sec Download
9 Who's Zoomin' Who? 43:15 48,258 KB/Sec Download



  • Bad Quality

    By Lozza QQ
    What the episodes are about are great! but the quality of them are rubbish......what the people are saying do not much up to there mouths mooving! terrible quality SOMEONE fix it please!!!
  • At First I didn't like this,

    By Police Boy
    I didn't like this show at first but after the first 5 episodes i really got hooked on the tv, the tension between the doctors is great they fight for surgery as being interns one of the doctors Meredith her mother use to work at the same hospital, she slept with one of her attendings without knowing he is her attending. Its a very very awesome show and it only gets better as the show goes on.
  • Dramatic fun

    By Ocarinaing
    Grate in every way
  • WOW

    By Chumber252
    Okay here it is: I love Grey's. And Patrick Dempsey too. He rocks. I downloaded the first episode, watched it and fell in love...omg this is the best show on EARTH. People have been saying it was good, but I thought doctor shows were boring. Then I finally decided to check it out, and it is TOTALLY worth it. You can watch them again and again and it doesn't get boring.
  • cool

    By torzy<3
    i abso love this season i recommend it for any age, until now i hadnt seen any of them but my mum sed it was good so i took her advice and bought 6, i am now obsessed! :-)
  • Episode Titles

    By Lalalalaura19
    Be warned, the episodes are incorrectly named when you download them. Episode 2 and Episode 4 have been it's a bit confusing.
  • Where have I been?

    By Mad Moose
    I've always heard great reviews of Grey's but never saw an episode. I decided to but the series and see what all the fuss was about. It's an awesome show with complex charachters and great dialogue. Now I'm trying to limit my viewing of each episode so I can savour the moment - I get Grey's withdrawal if I don't watch it!!!
  • that's a bit sus

    By biancalouise
    this show is great, so kudos to iTunes for putting it on the market. BUT i bought the whole season and they only gave me eight out of the nine episodes.
  • Love It

    By Maccalack
    Love this show. Buy it. Oh iTunes please put Dexter and Family Guy on.
  • YAY!!!

    By chelseamgarrett
    This is probably my favourite season (it's hard to choose!). I love watching back and seeing the characters as interns! George looks so strange!