A Very English Scandal, Season 1

A Very English Scandal, Season 1

A Very English Scandal

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Advisory Rating: M
  • Episodes: 3
From 18 Ratings


Adapted from John Preston’s book “A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment” by Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, Queer As Folk, Cucumber) and directed by Stephen Frears (Florence Foster Jenkins, Philomena, Dangerous Liaisons), starring Hugh Grant as Jeremy Thorpe and Ben Whishaw as Norman Scott.


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2 Episode 2 57:24 48,991 KB/Sec Download
3 Episode 3 1:00:56 31,514 KB/Sec Download



  • So Good

    By gandumardi
    Really draws you in from the first epsiode, wonderful acting by Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw. Check it out!
  • B

    By hbunyv uu. hhg jbu
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  • A very English farce

    By lisbethinsydney
    Well-acted and scrpted as you would expect from a British production. Perfectly pitched telling of a bizarre moment in British politics. My only reservation is that Hugh Grant relies too much on a rather stiff charm and fails to capture the belligerent malevolence of Thorpe's murderous intent. Otherwise, very satisfying.
  • What a great subject!

    By Rahb1234
    I dimly recall the basic thread of this story and was eager to see the show. Beautifully set, well acted, and very evocative of the times. Only two minor quibbles: 1) for the price, I expected subtitles. So much of the conversation is whispered, or sotto voce, and I cannot hear what they are saying as I am older and hard of hearing. 2) Although Ben Whishaw is very good in the role of Norman Scott, it is rather difficult to picture him as a male model and bodybuilder.
  • Very Interesting

    By skin brother
    Being British TV, the acting is impeccable and the series hard to fault. Hugh Grant captures the character of Jeremy Thorpe and his performance holds the show together. There is little drama or tension because the outcome is already known. The interest lies in the characters, the class system, the hypocrisy over homsexuality and the way power can corrupt justice .