The Good Fight, Season 2

The Good Fight, Season 2

The Good Fight

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-03-04
  • Advisory Rating: M
  • Episodes: 13
From 70 Ratings


In season two of The Good Fight, the world is going insane, and the Chicago murder rate is on the rise. Amidst the insanity, Diane, Lucca, Maia and the rest of the law firm find themselves under psychological assault when a client at another firm kills his lawyer for overcharging. After a copycat murder, the firm begins to look at its own clients suspiciously. Meanwhile, Diane battles with a new partner at the firm, Liz Reddick-Lawrence (Audra McDonald); Maia becomes tougher after her parents’ scandal puts her on trial; and Lucca is brought back into Colin’s orbit.


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  • The Best

    By Azza!!!
    I does just keep getting better!!!
  • Brilliantly liberal take on America in 2018

    By nothingtown
    An amazing series that I’ve only fallen more in love with during season two. I was a devoted fan of ‘The Good Wife’ and am glad to say ‘The Good Fight’ has strayed far away from that original series - and is all the better for it. With a biting portrayal of what it means to be a liberal American in 2018, the series hasn’t stopped pulling punches. It’s lead by a brilliant cast with the amazing Christine Baranski shining brightest. Can’t wait for more action in season three.
  • Missing Episodes

    By KD_Bee
    Where are episodes 11 and 12? Both have been broadcast here in Australia, but still not avaible on iTunes? A little unfair for those who've purchased a season pass and it looks like it's going to remain uncompleted.
  • Slow in delivering episodes already aired

    By PhoenixC.777
    Episodes 11 and 12, season 2, have already aired on SBS on Demand, and yet they’re still not available on iTunes, even though I've paid for a season pass. Poor service.
  • AMAZING sequal to the Good Wife!

    By Pixamoment
    The TV Show is an amazing spin off to the Good Wife. It's as addictive and clever made and I cannot wait for newer episodes to air. Right up there with all great Law-TV-Shows. MUST SEE!
  • The best ever

    By Zaynewho
    That's all I have to say
  • Where is season 2?

    By klvgt
    I paid for season 2 after paying and downloading season 1 and it seems we haave been waiting for ever for it. Apple if you are unable to supply, then don't offer it for sale. I will be requesting a refund. Very disappointed.
  • Get your act together Apple! Don’t charge if you can’t supply.

    By ***Lydia***
    Only one episode available. You pay for whole season as it airs but don’t get it. Apple tells me I have to ring network to resolve it. Really!!! Refund your customers if you can’t supply your product that’s law!
  • Don’t get conned

    By RobertHSmith
    Actually not available! They will sell you a season pass which is actually only for S02E01 - no idea when the rest is available and iTunes don’t tell and it seems it’s not soon! Don’t get conned suggest you download by other means as SBS have got to E05 by 2nd April but with Apple TV you will still have only E01. Don’t be taken in by the season pass!
  • The Good Fight is a “great watch”

    By Junealli
    Not just for fans of the Good Wife this spin off is highly entertaining with an interesting storyline that is compelling. The characters are most likable. Cannot wait for season 2